Delight Your Guests
With the Right Digital Experience

Jill | 10.20.17

In 1991, Walt Disney Picture's animated movie, Beauty and the Beast, was released—bringing with it the Academy Award and Golden Globe nominated song, "Be Our Guest." The popular song is known for its non-stop eye candy and for the outrageous lengths the castle hosts and hostesses go to impress their visiting guest.

It got us thinking: Isn't this exactly how new customers should be treated? As guests? Visiting for what could be a short while, guests want to be delighted and feel comfortable. For the remainder of this article, we'll refer to customers as guests. We think they'd like that.

So, what is YOUR brand's "Be Our Guest" song?

In the movie's song, the characters educate their guest about their services and invite the guest to "put the services to the test." Is your brand inviting this kind of trial and use?

The song characters also make it a point to show their guest how 'on-brand' their services really were. The characters sing and dance because "after all, this is France." And "life is so unnerving for a servant who's not serving" explains how a server was meant to be in that job, at that time, serving that guest. Review what you say about your brand. Is it in line with your promise to guests?

Finally, the characters in the song exude passion and energy about what they do best. By showing their guest that they are thrilled to be there, the guest has no choice but to get wrapped up in the same euphoria. Passion is contagious. Is your brand demonstrating this kind of excitement to your guests each and every time?

Now that we've discussed brand messaging (or is it entertainment?!), let's discuss how to transfer those messages through digital channels to guests who may be scrolling on an iPhone or catching up on Facebook.

Choose your digital channel well.
Where are your guests most likely to hang out? These days, most guests live online. So let's focus there and start by identifying the channel.

If you've done customer insight research, you probably already know which channels your guests like best. A scan of your competitors helps you get an idea of the landscape and the level of engagement.

Consider that each channel is the right fit for a specific use. It starts with your goals. Some channels will be better for brand awareness or engagement and other channels will be better for lead generation. You'll need to be in some channels as a cost of doing business. In other channels, you can invest more.

Next, seek to understand how your guests use each channel. Are your guests typically deliberate in a focused search or are they casually skimming? Are they consuming your content while fighting off other distractions or do you envision your guests in a quiet office setting reading every word of your blog?

In Beauty in the Beast, the guest was conveniently held captive inside a castle and had no choice but to pay attention to the message. Those conditions will rarely be the situation with your guests! So, you'll also need to consider how you pique interest and capture guest attention before you start educating.

Environmental conditions are meaningful to good digital experiences. It is your job to estimate these conditions and produce guest experiences to fit them.

Now for some best practices:

Consistency Adds Strength
Like any marketing program, your brand's look and personality must remain consistent across all your digital platforms. The more consistent you are, the less burden each platform has in carrying all the promotional weight. A consistent brand is a strong brand.

Start with visual identity. Use the same color palette, font and messaging whether it's YouTube or LinkedIN or your own website. Use a similar style of photography. This may seem like simplistic advice, but we see this being done improperly all the time. In haste, some brands copy-and-paste a logo from one platform to the next without regard to the parameters of that medium or in context of the channel's design.

Be consistent with your messaging. Make the same points in all of your digital media. Stand for the same values. Use the same language and tone. Guests want the same experience on LinkedIN as they would in person with your brand. They want to trust in your promise of consistency. Don't give them a reason to doubt it.

Personalize the experience
One thing digital does well is give you the ability to customize an experience for each of your guests. Instead of the traditional advertising one-to-many model, modern digital is a one-to-one model. This means you can understand what each guest cares most about and then you use automation and technology to deliver on that need to that particular guest.

The magic behind how this happens is not Disney, but digital. With endless targeting options on today's digital platforms and a host of insight-gathering tools and personalization tools, digital marketing can feel conveniently customized without feeling creepy.

This magic is part of Nium's digital expertise. Our digital team experts know how to help you choose the right media and present your brand online. We keep your visual identity consistent and we ensure that every opportunity to delight your guests is maximized as much as possible.

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