National Clean Out Your Computer Month

Hannah | 01.24.17

Set Yourself Up for "Inbox" Success in 2017

It’s the start of 2017, when we hope to get started on a good foot now that 2016 has come to an end. This fresh start means a chance to manage your email more effectively! Feeling overwhelmed by your number of unread emails or by the storage your inbox is requiring? Cleaning out your inbox may seem like a daunting task that strikes anxiety, “what if you delete something that you need!?” But let’s see it as a time and task manager, rather than a flood of to-do’s (it’s all perspective).

Everyone manages their inbox differently, whether folders, flags, unread vs read, color-system; it’s our organization skills that will make January most effective to get us started on the right foot! Email is no easy task to tackle either. We’ve pulled together a few practices that could make it a less daunting project. Always start big bs and finish with the smaller details:

Begin to see your inbox as your to do list or pending action list. Start your day by reviewing what needs to be prioritized and by “foldering” what is easy to “put away” or complete.

Filter and delete any offers/blasts from companies/brands that you follow.

  • Get rid of the junk that creates that big unread number
  • Go back all the way to forever ago and check “all” and delete “all” results to this search.

Filter for the brands or companies that provide you with your industry knowledge. Emails you said you are “going to read later.” Delete and start the year fresh.

  • Create an “Information” folder where you can house these topics or intriguing articles (that you want to read at some other time) moving forward.
  • Set time during your week, as part of your routine, to update yourself on the data these companies are providing or the new technology that is peaking industry experts’ interest.
  • Maybe even create a rule that automatically filters these daily/weekly updates to your Information folder.

Create Folders by service or client and then get to organizing, deleting and responding!

  • Any emails that are two months old that have not been replied to, delete. If they need you, they will follow up. Start fresh.
  • Emails less than two months old, read and if it’s been dealt with create its folder (client, service, department) and move it out of your inbox.
  • If it hasn’t been dealt with, flag it or somehow mark it to come back and address next steps.
  • Continue down this path until all you have left are flagged emails that require your attention or are waiting on someone else.
  • Get this January moving and grooving, Q1 2017 is going to be your best yet!

Nothing feels better than a having a clean inbox at the start of a fresh year. Practicing organizing your email inbox seems like a mundane task but will provide the best way to be most effective and efficient in your task and email management. Any questions, give the Nium team a shout; we’d love to hear from you!